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Øivind Farmen was born in Sandefjord, Norway, in 1972. He achieved top grades in accordion and chamber music at the Barratt Due Institute of Music upon graduation in 1995. Following his studies with Anders Grøthe, Øivind proceeded to win several international awards, including the “Trofée Mondial de l´accordeon” (Portugal, 1996), and the “Internationaler Akkordeonwettbewerb Klingenthal” (Germany, 1993).

Øivind´s collaborators include internationally acclaimed performers such as trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen, violinist Elise Båtnes, and tubaist Øystein Baadsvik, and he has introduced audiences to his mesmerizing playing in many countries from China to the U.S.A. Several professional symphony orchestras and wind bands have made good use of Øivind´s qualities as a soloist, but he is equally comfortable playing alongside accordion colleagues such as Jörgen Sundequist and Lars Karlsson. 2002 saw him becoming a member of the highly acclaimed neo-folk band Flukt.

Øivind´s achievements also include several CD releases in differing contexts, ranging from baroque music, through contemporary compositions to old-time dance music.

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Lars was born in Fjärås 1971. Lars won some diatonic competitions in the 80:ies and in 1993 he won the senior class in the Nordic Championships on diatonic accordion.

He has made several recordings and in 1994 the CD ”Durspelsduell” with Bjørnar Haugen was released and received much attention both in Sweden and in Norway.

1997 he formed ”Lars Karlsson Band” and the first CD came the year after with the melody ”Pizza-Shuffle” that was on the radio program Svensktoppen (Swedish top chart) for 3 weeks! First time ever an instrumental melody on diatonic accortion has been on this list. 

In 2001 Lars received the honourable SKAP award together with Alice Babs, Björn Ulvaeus and others. Lars has done concert tours in different countries, including four tours in the USA.

In May 2004 the original performance of the new “Church mass for diatonic accordion, church choir, string quartet and percussion” was held in the church of Fjärås, a work composed by Lars especially for this mass.

In December 2001 Lars Karlsson was by the members of the Swedish Accordionists Association voted to ”Accordionist of the Year”, first time ever awarded to a diatonic accordionist.

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