Øivind Farmen

Norwegian Safari:

Solo concerts with Norwegian contemporary music. Music by composers as Arne Nordheim, Håkon Berge, Terje Bjørklund, Antonio Bibalo, Wolfgang Plagge, Sigmund Lillebjerka and Erlend Skomsvoll.  CD released November 2010, nominated to the Norwegian "Grammy Awards".


Traditional Scandinavian music meets classical and bluesy streaks in a trio of fiddle, accordion and percussion to produce a tremendously compelling and driving sound.

More info: www.flukt.org

Café de Paris:

Paris - the metropolis. A meeting place of many cultures. The different corners of the world encounter the original French. Sounds, smells, tastes mix together. Piazzolla brings his tango, the French flute music sparkles and the musette accordion develops.

Ina Cecilie Hjelmervik Olufsen (flute) and Øivind Farmen (accordion) brings the audience into an exciting atmosphere; a rendez-vous at "Café de Paris". More info: www.farmen.net/paris

Hal toppseil - en hyllest til Erik Bye:

Erik Bye (1926 - 2004) was a Norwegian journalist and artist, and one of the 20 th century's most well-known and popular radio and television personalities in Norway.

The actor Hallbjørn Rønning has, together with Øivind Farmen and Ivar Gafseth, put together a cabaret based on Erik Bye's tunes and lyrics.

More info: www.farmen.net/toppseil

Lars Karlsson & Øivind Farmen:

Den Swedish master on diatonic accordion Lars Karlsson and Øivind Farmen has gathered for concerts together. With their very different musical backgrounds, they put on stage a concert with great versitality and changing musical styles.

More info: www.bayantonic.com

Valle - Eide - Farmen:

A meeting of singer/ pianist Marthe Valle, fiddleplayer Sturla Eide and accordionist Øivind Farmen in a repertoire of psalms, folk music, american bluegrass and songs. The music melts together with the musicians different backgrounds of pop-, folk- and classical music.